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Eyelash extensions certificate training

Who is eligible: Licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians

Training details: This certification training includes practical (hands-on) instructor-supervised training, including the most efficient and effective application techniques to safely and successfully apply lashes.

  • Classic: 1 by 1 individual lash application

  • 2D: volume lash application

  • 3D hybrid: classic and extreme volume mixed lash application

    4D Russian / extreme volume: how to apply several lashes in a volume fan (advanced only)

3-day advanced certification | Tuition fee: $1,500

  • training manuals / supplies

  • classic (basic) application techniques

  • 2D and 3D volume lash application techniques

  • 4D extreme volume fan lash application techniques

  • personalized instruction & coaching

  • hands-on training with a live model

  • health & safety training

  • client care instructions

  • sales & marketing guidance

  • professional starter kit ($500 value!)


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