Kelly Beauty Boutique


Volume Eyelash Extensions

Customized for you

Every lash experience is customized. At Kelly's studio, the lash volume, length, and curl is customized to you. From natural to dramatic, your lashes are tailored to the look you want. 

Each lash is professionally applied.

Each lash is individually applied with professional precision. Your lashes will be full and flawless, bringing out your best you.

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It's painless and safe.

High quality lashes applied by a professional are painless and safe. Having them put on is painless and so is having them removed. A fill is recommended every 2-4 weeks, or you can wait for them to fall out with the natural shedding of your lashes.


Yes, you can wear makeup.

Don't worry - you can still wear that smokey eye makeup that you love. Stay away from mascara as it will damage the lashes and make them clumpy and crusty. Use oil-free eye makeup remover and use cotton swabs for precision. When applying liquid liner, keep your stroke just off the lash line to protect your lashes and keep them long lasting.